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This AI software makes approvals and sales 10X faster for any size dealership. The days are gone when the dealership must worry about having to choose which bank a particular customer will get approved with. It doesn’t require the customers’ personal information and operates through AI by analyzing 9 simple non-sensitive questions and data to assess eligibility for auto loans from the dealership’s banks in Cuddle, Dealertrack, or Route One.

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What are the technical and commercial advantages in our software?

CheckboxEnhanced Experience

By eliminating the need for personal information our software streamlines the pre-approval process while tailoring financial approvals to individual needs, all while securing the best interest rates.

CheckboxCredit Check Bypass

It avoids credit checks and prevents inquiries on users’ credit reports.

CheckboxInterest Rate Transparency

Eliminating guesswork, the software provides clarity on which lender offers the best interest rates.

CheckboxCommunication Efficiency

Removing the need for direct communication simplifies the entire process. Borrowers can complete tasks online, reducing paperwork and administrative delays.


Each question in the software is accompanied by an educational video that explains the reasoning behind it. These videos serve two important purposes:

1. Trust Building

By providing transparent insights into the loan underwriting process, borrowers gain trust in the system. They understand why certain questions are asked and how their eligibility is assessed.

2. Knowledge Enhancement

They learn about the factors influencing loan approvals, interest rates, and overall financial decisions. Ultimately, this feature enhances user confidence and promotes informed decision-making

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